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Learn about me and the story behind my journey and my purpose

Welcome to Inspired By Delois J.!


I am Akeevia Jackson. Inspired By Delois J., is named after my late mother Delois J. who passed away when I was four years old. Even after her death, my mother has been a big inspiration in my life through her love and the positive impact she had on me and others.


I have endured many trials and tribulations which I am still learning how to overcome. I realize that everything I go through is for me to receive, understand, and appreciate to help others. I am a Christian, and my faith in Jesus Christ helps me be victorious everyday!


I am a Registered Nurse by profession with a passion for helping others as a part of my God-given purpose. Helping others is what God has put on my heart to do, and I am ready!  


Here is where I share my story and my faith to inspire others. Thank you for being here. Read on, and enjoy.

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