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My Love for Running and Some Essentials for My Workout

Running is a hobby I have grown to love through the years. From playing sports early on in life to training in the military, it has been a part of my lifestyle. It is one way I take care of myself physically. Not only does it impact my physical health, but it affects my mental and spiritual health as well.

I started playing basketball when I was younger as an outlet, and the conditioning kept me in shape. The more I practiced and pushed myself, the better I got. When I went through basic military training, I applied the same principle. Because we trained consistently, I pushed past what I thought was my limit. It took being disciplined with physical conditioning to continue to meet the physical fitness requirements throughout my career, which was good because that discipline stuck with me. My disciplined physical training taught me self-discipline in other aspects of life too.

Now, I schedule my runs. I might run every other day, or I might take a break in between, but I try to stay active.

A good pair of running shoes, the Nike Run Club app to track my workouts and progress, a running music playlist, headphones, a running armband for my phone, activewear, and sweet sweat workout enhancer are all essential for my running schedule.

A good pair of running shoes protect me from injuries during my workouts and help improve my performance. There are a ton of brands that sell running shoes, but my top brand is Saucony. They are comfortable, and they get me through my workouts.

The Nike Run Club app allows me to set a running goal, track my progress, participate in running challenges, and try guided running plans to help build my endurance, speed, and train for races. The app offers different achievement awards, which motivates me to progress.

What's a good running workout without a good music playlist and a running armband to hold your phone? I listen to a variety of music. There have been days when my headphones stop working, and I have to run without music, which is also good. Running without music allows me to focus my attention on completing my workouts.

When I listen to music, I get in a rhythm running to the beats. There's something about when my whole body is in rhythm during my runs; I feel unstoppable. Depending on what I'm listening to, it motivates me to run faster or longer. While I’m running, dropping my phone is something I don’t have to worry about because I run with a running armband. The running armband protects my phone and secures it in place. I found mine at a local department store, but have also purchased them online through Amazon as well.

I find activewear at a local department store. As long as I have a pair of active pants and a t-shirt, I am good to run!

I use the Sweet Sweat workout enhancer on my calves before I run. It helps improve the circulation in my legs. I notice that when I use it, my leg muscles are more relaxed, so my legs don't feel tired or pained. I stretch before and after my runs as well.

Running is a great exercise, but it's also a way for me to connect with God. Before I start my run, I ask God to give me the strength to get through it, and I know he’s right there running with me. Because I run outside, I admire the beauty of everything around me. For example, I run early in the morning so that I can see the beautiful sunrise. It's peaceful, and I feel a sense of gratitude for life and everything.

Starting up with a workout routine can be challenging initially, but the more you continue to do it, your body builds endurance, and the better you'll get!

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